Art Competition inspired by the plant world

£5000 worth of prizes and other opportunities to grow as an artist.



"A seed contains the
promise of a thousand forests. "

Submissions closed 22/02.

The winners have been announced on our Instagram.

More updates coming here as we prepare for the launch exhibition!





A joint initiative by Farrago and Sowvital: bringing together underground artists to create artwork inspired by nature.

This competition is open to artists of any discipline or genre. Our goal is shine a light on the intricacies of the creative process, and in particular how the plant world and nature can serve as creative inspiration.



1. Artists apply via the application form, submitting their portfolio

2. Artists receive a prompt about the plant world at the start of the competition

3. You then get a full week to create a draft artwork, and tell us how you were inspired by the prompt.

15th - 22nd


From the shortlisted artists, 5 winners will be given the opportunity to work on a longer term project, getting paid as well as earning other opportunities to showcase their talent

Split equally between the top 5 submissions, if they decide to take up the full project, described below
Other benefits including opportunities to exhibit their work, free press releases, and connections to various creative networks



Your blank canvas: a seed packet.
your artwork
your music
your words


Winners will be commissioned in a project that aims to turn inherently disposable objects (seed packets) into a permanent artwork collection, inspired by the plants sown inside.

1. Each artist will be given a seed variety, which they will plant together.

2. From Spring to Summer, you will care for your plant and watch it grow as its botanical magic unfolds.

3. You create a piece of art, drawing inspiration from the plant you are nurturing.

The designs will be printed on the cover of a limited edition collection of seed packets, produced and distributed by the premium horticultural brand Sowvital.

On top of getting paid, artists will receive exhibiting and various other opportunities, connecting them with a large audience and other creative and professional networks.


About Us

Two brands on a mission to change what it means to be creative, by giving opportunities for people to explore a safe space for artistic expression.

London based creative community providing up-and-coming artists of all disciplines and genres with opportunities to boost their careers. Our mission is to create a safe space for creativity where any artist can express themselves freely
Leading the way in premium horticultural care products, Sowvital's mission is to reconnect communities with the plant world. It is an advocate and supporter of grassroots creative campaigns which build awareness around botanical art.


If something isn't clear, maybe these will help

Can anyone enter the competition?

Yes! If you consider yourself a creative, and think you have what it takes to make some cool artwork, then you should apply

WHat kind of artists can apply?

We are primarily looking for visual artists but this doesn't mean that other types of art: music, sculpture, performance won't work.

We want to work with artists who are willing to think outside the box, and look forward to hearing creative ideas.

Can I join as a team?

Teams are always welcome! Collaboration is at our core.
Just bear in mind that prize money for a winning team will be split between members of the team, and will require the whole team to commit to the terms of the final project.

Example prompts about THE PLANT WORLD

"leaves hang happily sunbathing in the July sun"

"The petals unfurled causing everyone to gasp at the beauty which was revealed"

"The roots erupted left, right and downwards in search of nutrients and water"  

* The actual prompt will be revealed at the start of the competition.

How do I enter?

Simply hit the 'Apply' button below and fill in your details! We will be in touch with more details on what to expect and how to sort your submission.

Still have questions?