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[fəˈrɑːɡəʊ] • noun

a confused mixture.

Unheard S1E3 Winner

Hello Amnesia

With a breathtaking end to the series, Hello Amnesia blew us away with mad energy and rocking riffs. For winning the final episode in the series, Hello Amnesia have been offered:

  • Complimentary access to all Farrago events throughout 2023
  • Studio credits from Pirate.com
  • An invitation to perform at our grand summer event: Farrago Festival, which will be attended by over 500 people.

Congrats Hello Amnesia! Thanks for an energetic end to the series

Unheard S1E2 Winner


Naia captured the most support through their mesmerising performance, which involved an abundance of groovy beats that kept the audience dancing, including a jazz battle.

As the winner of the second episode of this new series, Naia is entitled to the following rewards:

  • Complimentary access to all Farrago events throughout 2023
  • The opportunity to be selected as the first participant for Nifty Music Academy’s course
  • Spotify credits from Cammo Network, which will feature their music on various playlists
  • An invitation to perform at our grand summer event, which will be attended by over 500 people.

Congratulations, Naia!

Unheard S1E1 Winner

Matt Kent

Although it was close, Matt just about received the most votes with his incredible performance filled with angelic riffs and his mesmerising violin alongside his partner in crime, Olivia Lester.

For winning the first episode in this new series, Matt Kent will receive:

  • Free access to all Farrago events in 2023
  • A music marketing workshop to help increase his exposure
  • Spotify credit to be featured on multiple playlists
  • A performance at our big summer event with more than 500 attendees

Congrats Matt Kent! Thanks for a breathtaking start to the series.

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