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Ok cool, but...

How does it work?

What does it take to join Farrago’s roster?
It’s super easy, check out our process below...


Due to the high influx of demand, we've implemented a simple application form on our website.

Our primary focus centers on the live performance video, which serves as the cornerstone for our initial vetting processes. This approach ensures accessibility for all grassroots & emerging artists.

Artists are regularly assessed by the Farrago A&R team and selected core community members. Artists who achieve an exceptional performance rating progress to the next stage.

A&R team

Video recordings provide only partial insights, so whether it's during our residencies or at your own gig, our A&R team actively listens to you perform live.

It's through this direct experience that our team can discern which artists have the talent and potential to take their creative career to the next level.


Although our accelerator and roster is for musicians, we still welcome applications from all creatives, from digital artists through to fashion designers.

We regularly combine art forms at our events and strive to support you in any way we can.

For example, at Farrago Festival 2023, we offered jewelry-making, collage art, and painting workshops, displayed digital art from a talented visual artist, and collaborated with four fashion designers to present a choreographed fashion show that was a huge hit with our community!

Ok, and then what?

What can i expect as a farrago artist?

Once you become a Farrago roster artist, you are enrolled into our community, helping to propel you and your music to new heights! There are four main avenues through which we support you during your time as a Farrago roster artist.


Dynamic live events, offering you the chance to perform in front of our crowds who are eager to immerse themselves and connect with emerging grassroots artists.


Launched Summer 2023, providing external performance opportunities outside our core events, including at venue residencies, festivals, corporate events, and other brand partnerships and activations.


In partnership with various forward-thinking and pioneering brands, we help you connect with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to you as you navigate your music career.

These range from studio time to publishing, sync, marketing and more.


Helping you shine by create cool content that captures your performance and your artist project: such as on our podcast (coming soon), Spotify playlist, and spotlight series like "Farrago Features." (prev. AOTW)

Ready to to join our community and accelerate your career?

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