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Chase Tha Worst

As a producer, rapper, and filmmaker, my music is very immersive and story driven. It pulls the listener into an entirely different world with each song, through a colourful use of sound design and hard-hitting yet comedic lyrical storytelling. I take pride in an original sound that I can call my own.


Bobbi Fallon

London's own Bobbi Fallon, a unique singer-songwriter with roots in Johannesburg, South Africa, brings a dynamic fusion of talent and passion to the global music scene.

Shaped by her vibrant upbringing, Bobbi's captivating voice and profound lyrics have resonated deeply with music enthusiasts worldwide.

Fueled by determination and an unwavering love for her craft, Bobbi Fallon consistently forges meaningful connections through her art.

With each release and performance, she continues to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans. As her musical journey evolves, anticipation builds for the next compelling chapter in Bobbi's story.



Jack Miller and Oscar Farrell have been releasing music for four years under the title of Rein, racking up over 500,000 streams on Spotify with plays on radio one and support from artists such as Hammer, Dj Seinfeld and Kettama. Rein’s music seeks to encapsulate the emotions of early adulthood, taking inspiration from the contemporary electronic music scene that is so strong in the UK.