A whole bunch of amazing creative people who have blessed us with their performances.

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Richie Miles

With lyricism and music production being at the core of his creativity, Richie Miles also extends his vision through a range of artistic mediums. Expect an immersive experience that will transport you into a familiar yet progressive world of creativity and story telling.



* “NYOTAA”, (ni o tah) is a 25 year old Recording Artist based in London UK.
* Nyotaa is a singer, songwriter, performer and Creative Director, Signed to her Self Owned Independent Record Label, Kamona Records.

* musical group “Kindred Spirits Choir”, under EMI records in 2007, making Nyotaa one of the youngest Singers to be signed and endorsed by Musical Pianist Mylene Class
* Nyotaa was originally formed in a sibling duo called “Izeidi Izeidi” (ee zay dee)
* debut LP “twentyoneandlost” dropped summer of 2020
* dropped her latest single “Insane” in march of 2023
* Continues to work on music in hopes to complete her EP “The Forbidden Fruit” for her supporters.
* Performed at / Common Wealth Games, Mayfair Christmas Lights / Godiva Festival / Isle of Wright Festival


Isaiah Shoticaury

A low key introvert, born and raised in East London, who was heavily influenced by many styles of Hip-Hop from Boom Rap, Grime, Trap and so on but not to mention different genres such as R&B, Psychedelic Rock and Jazz. A genre of this music and you’ll get a one-of-a-kind who is a mystery, and that mystery is Isaiah Shoticaury.