Event Recap

Farrago Summer 2023 Recap

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Event Recap
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Farrago Summer 2023 Recap

This Summer was an absolute blast, let's look back at some of our favourite moments.
October 25, 2023


We are lost for words.

This summer exceeded all of our expectations.

After a month away to breathe and plan our next steps, we want to say thank you to our wonderful community who made this summer truly special.

Musical madness, immersive performances, and multi-disciplinary showcases of London's finest emerging artists.

Let's look back at some of the magical moments we created together!

Our First Festival

Farrago Festival, in July, was our biggest event to date and you guys came through to support in droves!

We came together in the sunshine to celebrate grassroots music, art and performance, with 15+ live music acts, visual art workshops, and a unique fashion/performance showcase.

Shoutout to the following communities for helping us make this happen; this was such a great start to the summer.

House of Donyi
Fat Llama
Groove Verse

Musical journeys presented by Farrago, GrooveVerse, BurstLDN and Fat Llama
Workshops curated by grassroots artists: Mo El Kadey, Floraldolll and MrCut&Stick
Fashion & Performance showcase by House of Donyi

Our First Conference - Amplify Your Music

Together, we created a space for London's independent artists to network, share and collaborate.

The best part: the event was totally free which meant that any artist could access it.

This was a truly special moment for Farrago as we dove much deeper into the industry than any of our previous events. 

We'll definitely be doing this again some time, so stay in the loop!

Bringing our wider community together for networking, knowledge-sharing & collaboration

Panels, talks & discussions from the music industry's experts, from Sofar Sounds to Skiddle

Regular Music at Ninety One Living Room

All throughout the summer, we hosted weekly sessions in the sunshine of Brick Lane, showcasing 30+ artists from jazz to hip-hop.

Authentic musical vibes connecting with strangers on the streets - we love it!

Causing roadblocks on Brick Lane with sheer musical vibes
Come rain or sunshine, we're showcasing the very best each week


Flash mobs, pop-ups, and fun vibes out in London.

With such a busy summer of back-to-back events, we needed to get creative and spread the word about the amazing events we had planned.

So what did we do?
- Surprised commuters with an 8-piece brass band in Brixton underground station
- Hosted a pop-up fashion show for the public to strut on the Millenium Bridge
- Our first pop-up party in front of Tate Modern in promotion for Sound of London

We really did lay down the red carpet
The public really know how to walk the walk

Our First Multi-Day Event - Sound of London

Sound of London was our opportunity to tell a story about London's underground music scene. Through 4 events in 4 unique venues, collaborating with various communities to each showcase their own slice of the scene.

We're not going to lie: this one was pretty stressful from behind the scenes! A mad amount of logistics for what felt like such a short week!

But, as always, the artists' performances shone through and made this one of our community's highlights of our summer (stay tuned for performance videos and more).

Huge thank you to all our partners at this festival; without you there was no way we could try pull something like this off xD

Big, big thanks to Dunyadan Sesler, Five Points Project, Lotus Nova, Night Fund & Bodily Community

Zami Yazeed - Day 1 w/ Dunyadan Sesler
Open Jam - Day 2 w/ The Five Points Project
RETROPXSSY - Day 3 w/ Lotus Nova
Intertoto - Day 4 w/ Bodily Community

What's Next?

We're taking a step back from our events for the rest of this year, but we've got big plans in the works for 2024.

The community so far, which has grown rapidly around Farrago with over 3,000+ attendees, has been humbling, and we are inspired every single day by each of you.

Creativity is pouring out of the seams of the underground, and we are only just scratching the surface...

So stay tuned, and thanks for your support :)

Big Love!
The Farrago Team