Farrago Festival

July 23, 2023
Doors open at
12:00 pm

We are brewing a big art jam at Brixton Jam. Experience the magic of creativity at Farrago Festival - London's premier mixed arts event.

To buy tickets for this event please visit our events page: Farrago Festival .

Mark your calendars. Farrago's most anticipated event of the summer is approaching fast. You know it. I know it. It's Farrago Festival baby.

On Sunday the 23rd of July, Brixton Jamm will be filled with immersive workshops, interactive installations, and unforgettable performances, as we celebrate the power of creativity. We're bringing together different artistic communities from across London, showcasing the finest emerging talent, including the winners of our Unheard series.

With intriguing surprises and unique experiences in store, Farrago Festival promises to be a day like no other. The details are shrouded in secrecy for now, but stay tuned for more announcements.

So lock it in. Your future self will thank you (and maybe even buy you a drink).


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